Turty tree potaaytoes...flowery shpuds...a hang sangwich washed down with a mug of tay...

You can take the man out of Ireland but in all fairness, a feed of kumara, fush 'n' chups and a weak drop of tea is no match for the food and drink he has left behind.

As engrained in us as our accents, the Irish palate is one of simple pleasures. No need for expensive delicacies - give us a slice of freshly baked soda bread or a pack of cheese and onion crisps and we're as happy as a pig in muck!

Irish by name and Irish by nature, Irish Times in New Zealand brings irish tea and treats on a 20,000km journey from the Emerald Isle to your table. No shamrocks, harps or dancing leprechauns - just a taste of Ireland down under.

Enjoy some Irish Times in New Zealand.


You can't simply board the next plane

And pop home in an hour or two

The local stuff's just not the same

So we bring a taste of Ireland to you!


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